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Qingdao Saerma Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 18, 2017, the company address is located in Jiangshan Town, Laixi City, Qingdao city, Shandong Province, No. 27, Changrui West Road, registered capital of 100 million yuan.The company has six sets of pulping and more than 1000 looms in normal operation, forming a textile fabric production, sales, as well as the application of new fiber and import and export business textile enterprises.Our products are sold to many regions and countries at home and abroad.
Qingdao sal horse textile technology co., LTD., the first phase of weaving base covers an area of about 36500M 2, the introduction of Japan tian jin-ju (changshu) ZW508 (552), the original installation import ZW8100 (240), the introduction of Japan tian jin-ju standard of warping, sizing, and shaft preparation six sets of production line, the introduction of the Swiss automatic wear ZongJi 2 sets,2 sets of domestic through-mechanized machines, 10 sets of dryers and other domestic supporting ancillary facilities.The company will continue to develop, the construction of phase II project is expected in 2020, the introduction of 1000 looms.
Qingdao Sarma textile Technology Co., Ltd. pays attention to technical innovation and product management, employs innovative scientific and technological talents, and constantly improves the overall quality of the company's personnel, and builds a management and technology dual guarantee team.The company pays attention to the development and production of sports/leisure series, outdoor series, down jacket series fabrics, and focuses on the development of new fiber, environmental protection fiber products, has gradually formed the high density ni silk spinning series, high density F spring sub-spinning series products, sold at home and abroad.
Qingdao Sarma textile Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to serve the society, promote product innovation and development, innovation industry technology, and promote industry development.

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